Let Congress Know

In a media landscape saturated with bias and polarization, discerning actual news from political spin has become an arduous task. The troubling question arises: why has the pursuit of truth and honest reporting become offensive, and why do we tolerate it?

We find ourselves divided and distracted from the genuine issues. Congress has been operating on its own agenda for far too long, recklessly spending billions of taxpayer dollars without any semblance of accountability. Career politicians who prioritize their political affiliations and personal interests above the nation.

The time has come for us to say “enough” and demand accountability from Congress. Let Congress Know, was created to empower Americans to voice their concerns effectively at both the Federal and State levels. They provide information on crucial issues affecting individuals, their families, and businesses. Most importantly, it allows a way to communicate with their Representatives, right when it matters most—before Congress votes.

We can no longer rely on Congress to do what is right. We the people must speak up and hold Congress accountable for its actions. The future of our children, the fate of our nation, and our very way of life depend on us. We the people must because Congress won’t!


We The People

We The People Can Make A Difference

You can make a difference all it takes is to Let Congress Know. Your voice heard!